Montasio DOP conquer the USA

E 'increasingly popular with US consumers the cheese Montasio DOP that in 2015 he scored a new breakthrough in the United States where they were imported 27,000 forms compared to 17,000 the previous year.

It is a very small slice of the total production of Montasio PDO continues to be absorbed in large part by the same production areas, Friuli Venezia Giulia and Veneto regions, but across the border continues to score progress. L ' export interests a share of about 8% of production in 2015 registered a small decline, of 2.7% , with 920 thousand 234 rounds produced for a turnover worth (wholesale) 35 million euro .

Meeting in Codroipo, yesterday the meeting of the Consortium Montasio DOP - born in 1984 and stronger than 63 members of which 44 producers, 18 seasoners and an association of milk producers gave the green light to the budget and decided to make point, "within 15 days," does he know the director of the consortium , Loris Pevere , a promotion program of Montasio that looks to the three-year period. And that will be the same meeting, to approve the near future so as to give the maximum legitimacy and also engage the manufacturers. That the project should be the protagonists of the project institutions pan. I hope the President Terenzio Borga , convinced that without the development of the system of all forces, Montasio DOP never gonna screw.

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