DOP ITALIAN FOOD AGENCY - Internationalization for the best PDO and PGI Italian Food "Made in Italy"


WHY "dop italian food agency"?

291 registered trademarks in Italy of 1360 in EU. Export in 2016 of € 3.1 billion and the 90% is done by only 10 marks. Dop Italian food Agency is the export manager of PDO and PGI products that have export problems (a top 20 company by brand). Want to know more ... contact us?

291 PDO /PGI

Italia is a world leader

166 Brands P.D.O. & 123 Brands P.G.I.

Export €3,1 Billions

Fatturato 2016 esportazioni italiane mondo

Agroindustrial DOP e IGP 2016 turnover od 6,35 Billion Euros, and exports in the world 3,1 billion.

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