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Dop Italian Food - Who we are

The DOP Italian Food Agency services are part of the Development Agency Ltd in order to develop and support the internationalization of Italian Brands P.D.O. and P.G.I. .

For the top Italian Brands D.O.P. and P.G.I. we are a reality able to attend the international scene and to propose the prestigious Italian agri-food and culinary heritage in the world. The portfolio is represented by leading companies present in the various market brands D.O.P. Italian without a competition with each other.

The partners companies associated with the service are selected with great care, in particular giving priority to those which ensure and certify the excellence of the productions.

The ultimate goal is to increase sales in the international growing markets, providing a set of synergistic services:

1)- The portal "" 
2)- Export Manager "outsourcing of professional" 
3) - Marketing "International fairs in strategic countries" 
4)- Public Relations "Articles in trade magazines and blogs on the Internet." the portal is dedicated to information and communication of quality Italian products, with dedicated sections and sectoral insights partner products. Shortly content will be translated into Chinese, Arabic, Russian, and thanks to the indexing of keywords technologies, we are well positioned on the Internet on every continent.

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